hi guys!! this is my first follow forever on this blog, my first year with this blog, and i just wanted to do this to show my appreciation for the blogs i follow - all of you are fantastic and bring a smile to my face some way or another! you all gave me the best dashboard ever <3 plus, it’s the holiday season, so why not? and even if i don’t follow you, i love you just the same - you give my blog purpose. :)

bolded = i love you a lot ok (could be because i talk to you, reblog you a lot, or really just admire you/your blog a lot!)

-hutchersn • -mellark • acciofletcher • avoxia • brookeeverdeen • camouflagedpeeta • dellyandpeeta • donnermaysilee • e-verdeen • elfmellark • fearthecareers • ffinicks • flowersforrue •  flyingskybison • fourismywhore • frostingpeetaswounds • galesbomb • hijackedpeeta • hutchasaurus • hutchified • i-knead-peetas-bread • ibruewayne •  jenniferlawrencedaily • jmellarks • josheeta • joshutchersonn • joshhutch3rson • joshhutchersonnews • joshhutchersonordie • jutcherson • katnips • ladyeverlark • lumosandwired • mellarkish • mellrak • mockingfire • mockingjay- • mynightsmaresareaboutlosingyou • nicodiangeli • ninosdelaluna • panemsrebellionpeetadarling • peetaheaven • peetababy • peetasfakeleg • peetaslipsareturningblue • peetaspenisprimisthebomb • raisedhervoice • romulusclaus • sebastianverlac • seede-r • somuchhutch • sowedbothbefree • stay-together-always • tieknots • warrioreverdeen • watersaugustus • yeahutcherson • youknowhowtohunt

you’re all perfect and i want all of you on my christmas list :~) xoxo

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    thank you sooooooo much! this is so sweet of you!
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    aww love you so much!! thank you
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    Jesus he is soooooooooo sweet
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    thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, michele!!!!1! ily
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    my baby is perfect
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    Josh Hutcherson is perfect in every way!!!!
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